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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Activities during weekend...

As all of you know, I am going to be jobless soon, (huargh!!).. perhaps I should fill my time with more gardening and/or venture into something, instead of makan gaji..but my dilemma now; if we were to start a business, what sort of business suitable & of course profitable? In Klang Valley, everything practically already on the market. Online business? You named it! It’s all here now..

Nevertheless, apart from all that, I still love gardening the most. (and now venture into cooking..) In the beginning I do felt a bit sceptical about all these but now after we started to harvest our own vegetables, the entire perceptions have finally changed.

Mixed Gladious from kebunbahagiabersama.  I was late planting these bulbs & kept it a side for more than 2 weeks due to my busy appointment at the hospital.  Amazingly they sprouted only after 2 days but sadly no news from Lilium..perhaps too much water (there was a heavy storm) at night when i planted the bulbs..

Cosmos seems grow bigger & taller.  The flowers everywhere.  Sadly there are gone after the heavy storm.  Whole plant kissing the ground, even the roots came out..i dont even manage to keep the seeds.

Little pumpkin..only 2 survived..i moved it at cosmos area, seems they are gone now

African horn cucumber..we moved it near Water Spinach.  (we need more space!!)

Our Guppy fish produced lots of babies... we separated the young ones at lower level, hoping they can survive..

Another line up of tomatoes, seeds curtesy from NurulHidayah, tq darl!! (Lepas ni kulit mesti cantik byk mkn tomato..)

Red Capsicum, also from NurulHidayah

Our tumeric finally sprouted.  It grows extremely fast.  We already have angan-angan to have ikan bakar with tumeric leaf..  Me?  hm, maybe try cook beef rendang with tumeric leaf (again..dreaming!)

Since we are getting the greenlight from our lovely neighbour.. we are aiming those heaven!

hm.. cicah dengan sambal belacan best nih..anyone?  We did not see the owner pluck the mango, not even once.  Maybe its too high.  So we took the liberty to pluck few and gave her back.  She is so happy & encouraged us to pluck more & give our few neighbours around....

Someone tried to be funny..mango on blue pea tree.. yeah right...

Our Dinner?  Sambal Ikan with Red Romaine Lettuce

Fish Ball Soup with cabbage..(add on our Chinese Celery..)

Sambal Tempoyak Udang..fresh prawn from Kuala Selangor. 

Not fogetting the salad... this time Daun Tenggek Burung & Okra.  (To balance up the guilty by eating too much of seafood lately!)

Need to balance more?  How about the delicious dessert...topping up the calories, fat & sugar instead?  This is yummy red velvet.  (Whoever thinks i bake it must be dreaming just like me!)


  1. banyaknya mangga tu. subur betul :)

  2. first time tengok pokok manggq epal yang tinggi. kat sini mangga epal renek je.

  3. salam kenal...Cm pun dah nak mula berkebun balik..Tukang Kebun kat Adelaide pembakar semangat.Selamat berkenalan Lynn.

    1. salam...betul tu..kadang2 kena tunggu mood dtg, baru menjadi. Diana byk membantu org2 baru mcm kita, dia x kedekut ilmu