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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Edible Garden as of Sept 2012

It’s been a month since my last entry. Each time I tried to hook up on my laptop, something else came up and I have to start all over again...

Here’s taken a sneak peek at my garden for this month..

My okra seems doing well. So far we ate it fresh, it’s so crunchy. (I should have plant it at least 5, 6 trees so we don’t have to queue and fight for it! Underneath the Okra we planted some Chinese Celery.  It guess its works pretty well because we had no issue with the bugs.

The tomatoes finally coming!  Looks like they need to be supported as its getting heavier each day. 

We planted some Chinese Celery underneath too.. this companion plant works well with tomatoes

More or less same from the market right?  Best part ours are chemical-free & definately fresh!

Cant wait to taste our first tomato..but somehow people advise us to keep first fruit for the seed(hm..should i do that?)

Remember our giant Red Spinach?  Well, well... It grew so tall over our roof top!  I guess it’s time to say goodbye to them and give way to new member to join our family.  (notice the mango tree?aiming the fruits now..)

We took the spinach flowers and will leave it dry to keep the seed (I wonder if our methods are correct... belasah jer!)

We finally cleared the area and give room for new member, Green Parade Salad.  Hopefully they can grow well, just like the spinach.

Our sunflowers continue to bloom each day.  Lots of fan now (2 of my neighbour already asking for the seeds..) 

First batch of Sunflower seed.  We hope its work..finger cross!!

5 pots of Lemon Basil also looks fine.  1st trial to Browie yesterday & didnt expected she goin wild with it!  She kept jumping here & there, asking for it again.  Time to save money from buying expensive pellets.  I read one blog about this herbs.  Seems that Sabahan like it with sambal belacan (worth to try..)  Some said put in Maggie Mee?

Our 1st chilly..finally we can keep it for the seed.  The others are waiting for my sambal belacan, to be eaten with Lemon Basil..(dreaming first ...)

Can you guess how many type of vegetables there?  Yup, there's Kailan, Water Spinach (Kangkung), Okra, Red Romaine Lettuce &  Red Spinach.  We got to mix it all due to shortage of supply.  Next time we must plant it more to make sure its enough for one time harvest.  

Of course our fresh seafood from Kuala Selangor..(again!!)  I only good at deep fried with curry leaf.

And i make a pretty bold move this time.. i tried to cook Ketam Masak Merah.  But i guess the color not that good.  The taste?  suprisingly my girls said nice and they finished it all.  

It has to accompany with dessert right?  3rd attempt to bake Kek Kukus Asam Manis.  This time i found a recipe using Corn Oil, instead of butter.  Turn out it more fluffy and nicer.  So happened yesterday night we had a new neighbour who just been in M'sia abt a week.  He is from Sweden and doing some internship in Subang.  We had a lovely chat, accompanied with cake/cookies with hot lemon & honey...(wah, wah..terasa macam kat Paris lak!)


  1. No wonder your girls are having so much fun in the garden now. Banyak jenis sayur-sayuran nak kutip. You have so many varieties now. Wow tinggi itu bayam. The sunflower seeds looks good just make sure you dry them proper before you store it. I probably won't let the first tomato yet for seeds as it will reduce the fruit production and cos other developing fruit might become smaller in size. Nanti itu ppokok tomato boleh cepat tua cos it spent most of its energy to reproduce. Enjoy several fruit first before you collect the seeds.

  2. kak chinese celeri tu daun sup ke?hahahaha..sgt kompius daun sup gan daun ketumbar -_-"

  3. wow!! red spinach tu sangat tinggi.. cari matahari :)also well done tomatoes:)