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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where's my Label?

Harvest for today...

Havent plan what to cook today.  Perhaps i should try new menu.. hm.. checking the recipe book now...Tomatoes?  definately for me!

I have no suitable ground to plant this sunflower so i plant it in the flower pot.  Turned out not so healthy, very skinny.  To our suprised, it bloom nicely..but of course it is not as big as in the ground..(not enough nutrition maybe?)

This tomato was planted in a medium flower pot.  Not so healthy, exposed to sun from morning to noon, but lately we noticed it produced lots of flower. And this morning we noted 2 tomatoes (can you see it?).  I guess the rain have helped much in this...

Zoom in...Noticed the shape its different than my other tomatoes.  This might not the cherry tomatoes.  My fault, i guess i have labelled it but somehow its gone now..Could it be the normal, big tomatoes?  I am over excited! 

Now I also have a problem to identify what type of plant is this.  It's creepers type.  It should be long bean, but i am not sure, again i misplaced the label.

What about this one?  Also looks like long bean huh

What about this?  Huargh!! tension, tension!

Also another creepers in my chilly pot.

This Akar Dani still surviving.. after i brought back from Floria couple of mths ago, it turned completely dry.  I almost wanted to throw it away but at last I put it at the back.  They survived!


  1. creeper tu macam weed jew..he he. memang la kadang kadang eksen tak nak label, pastu pening tak tau pokok apa..biasa la tu kan hehe

  2. Akar dani tu memang tough, Even I didn't manage to kill it. Now mine are in the ground, doing well with very sporadic watering and keeps on flowering, to the delight of my neighbours. On warm nights the scent wafts around the houses next to mine.

  3. MMM...my label selalu hilang tangan kecik buat collection.
    Semuanya nampak pokok jenis beAN.

  4. emm nampak macam pokok kacang botol.

  5. i love okra. tapi tak tau bila timing yang sesuai untuk harvest coz dah ambil 2 kali bila masak rasa keras.

  6. hahaha..susah kalau tersalah label..mungkin tunggu brbuah baru boleh tau apa kebendanya tuh..anyway..selamat menunggu dgn penuh sabar..hehe