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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The ugly side of Malaysian

I love  beach...so in love with it.  When i am at the beach, i felt so calm and i can truly spend the whole day just listening to the beautiful sounds of the waves crashing... just like our life.... on & off with many obstacles until we finally close our both eyes on one fine day.  (dear God pls gimme more time.. i have not been prepared!!).

Well, talking abt beach, just to kill our time last week, we decided to take a 45 min drive to Bagan Lalang, hoping we can hv small picnic near the beach.  My last visit to Bagan Lalang was on 2001, where i accidently bought the bungalow lot there at a very, very minimal cost.  The lot turned out to be a bad investment eventually.  I guess its due to the location and poor infrastructure.  We end up leave the lot empty and become the house vacation once a while.  Due to my hectic schedule, i began to abandon the lot and leave everything to my brother to take care of it.

This was taken around 5pm, after heavy downpour.  Not very ideal for a picnic 

We decided not to dip into the sea, due to the muddy area, here & there.

But I am seeing lots of people who don't mind to get dirty...

And whats turned me off?  Rubbish everywhere!

People who used the facility and have no sense of responsibility at all!  They practically left everything behind, from the food wrapper, plastic container, barbeque tools, chicken/fish bones, even diapers!!  Goodness! what happened to the civic mind?  

Proper rubbish bin area already been allocated by the Town Council, but still....

I believed this use to be the shower area for public usage after dipping into the salt water..but where are the water? even the tap is gone now..sad, sad..

Angry, frustrated and irritated, we left Bagan Lalang with a thousand regret!


  1. went there before for picnic sometime about last year. First and last.

  2. teringat ikan bakar Bagan Lalang

  3. Sayangkan..pantai sikit punyalah cantik namun sampah sarap dimerata2, seolah2 mrk takder perasaan langsung mengotorkan pantai gitu..takkan nak harapkan pihak berkuasa jer yg buat kerja,orng ramai tukang buang sampah merata2 kan...tak suka lah attitude depa nie...

  4. saya baru balik dari teluk cempedak, kuantan. singgah sekejap tapi puas hati sbb tempatnya amatlah bersih - pantai,toilet, surau dan kawasan kedai makan. patut jadi contoh pada yang lain.