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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

RED LILY..isnt she's lovely?

I was kept complaining to my blogger friends about my Lily which i bought online about a year ago..
they refused to flower, despite given so much of attention to them! 
They are not cheap though..those days not many people sells online,
it cost me RM60 for 4 bulbs..dang!
But it was indeed surprised they finally blooming and it was sooooo gorgeous!!
Isnt she lovely?
lets take a look at my journal of this Red Lily..
Bought on May 2012
Settled in 3 pots..dont have time to paint my pot white just like the rest
One pot have been brought to Fraser Hill, but somehow its been stolen!
March 2013.. almost a year.  After put chicken manure.. they grow healthier, despite hot weather in Subang..exposed to full sun daily
June 2013..tadaa... surprise, surprise!
Whoops! she is coming out! 
They deserved a special place in my garden..
Hm..should i burn my pocket again & get other colors?



  1. Replies
    1. hm... gardening ni mmg addicted kan... hubby sengih2 jer bila lynn hint2 dia nak beli color lain lak..kalau letak sebaris depan pagar alangkah cantiknya! takpa berangan dulu..berangan tak kena duit kan, kan..

  2. wah! sgt cantik! stunning! agaknya if beli color lain boleh cross pollinated tak? ahah

    1. eee..i dont dare la Olive..bulb mahal!

  3. Lovely colour and I haven't planted mine. Same colour as your and 3 other colours. Ha! Ha ! Ha. Thanks for reminding me . I bought it about 3 months ago.

    I totally agree with you Lynn, gardening is expensive hobby.

  4. wow.. mahal nya Lynn beli rm60 for 4 bulbs only? kat sini Dya beli 1 pot ada kira2 1 big bulb + 3 med bulbs = bnd7 je. patut nya borong je beli haritu...

    1. its a year ago dear..now kat sg buloh ada.. kalau Lyn ke FH, ambik jer tepi jln! he he..

  5. Sooo gojes!(& make me jeles,hehe)