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Monday, July 29, 2013

Progress of my Mulberry

This is my mulberry as at July 2013.. cant wait to taste them

This mulberry cuttings was bought back in March 2013 from Wan Hasmah.
I plant them in 3 places; Subang
Fraser's Hill;
 and also Janda Baik.

At the moment, let me update the progress in my hse, as i dont have time to snap a pictures in Janda Baik & Fraser's Hill.

Early May 2013, still small but already produced fruits!  excited to taste them but they have been attacked by ants and drop..just like that..so sad
June 2013.. they are getting taller but no sign of fruits.. and very thin
After getting some advice from the 'sifu' in here... i trimmed them, hoping the branch will mutiple and produced healthy fruits later.  True enough..soon the fruits start popping out, very tiny.
This is the result this month.. i was hopping they will get bigger but sadly no..I cant bear to see if they are same result in Janda Baik, because i planted there quite a lot.  Imagine my frustration later if the fruits all tiny weeney...
To all my friends... any tips to get a healthy Mulberry?


  1. Salam..

    This I got from my reading around..akak letak baja tak after pruning?


    1. la.. tak la pulak. Ingatkan tak perlu byk baja mcm pokok biasa tu.. masa nak tanam dulu ada la letak sikit..

    2. Maybe perlu kak bcoz saya bnyk terbaca better ltk baja after pruning,generally.but maybe kena tanya expert2 yg lain(mak aji,diana,en.is,en.adry dll),hehe

  2. Lynn, U are really HEBAT!! so many places to take care! banyak kerja! i agree with Narshifa. really have to put baja aft pruning. i see my mom did that even with flower plant. i don mind if the fruits is small. janji got fruit. but sure the bigger the better. hehe. u can try to freeze small fruits then turn them jam, aiscream or sorbet. yg besar tu jz eat like tat...

  3. akak jual ke pokok mulberry ni...klu jual camne prosedur nak membelinye ye....