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Friday, August 30, 2013

New edible seeds coming!!

Alhamdulillah....i am getting better now, despite being admitted to hospital on & off..
Ready with the new seeds for buyers...

Dragon Tongue Bean

Royal Burgundy Bean

Sweet White Corn

Bloody Butcher Corn

Sweet Purple Corn

Sweet Blue Jade Corn

Strawberry Pop Corn

Eggplant Black Beauty

Eggplant Golden Egg

Eggplant Striped Toga

Pattypan Squash White Balmoral

Pattypan Squash Sunburst

Table King Acorn Squash

Waltham Butternut Squash

White Miniature Cucumber

Lemon cucumber

Indian West Gherkin Cucumber

Giant Strawberry

White Alpine Strawberry

Yellow Alpine Strawberry


Hawthorn Berry

Wild Blackberry


Physalis Ixocarpa / Tomatillo Green 

Physalis Pubescens / Tomatillo Pineapple

Physalis Alkekengi / Chinese Lantern Orange

Physalis Ixocarpa / Tomatillo Purple

Carrot Little Finger

Purple Carrot

Red Atomic Carrot

Purple Capsicum

Sweet Purple Marconi Pepper

Cherry Pepper

Chocolate Miniature Pepper

Lagenaria Bottle Gourds

Bitter Gourd

Angle Loofah

Korean King Melon 

Red Okra

Japanese Black Pumpkin

Radish Purple Plum


Golden Zucchini

Black Beauty Zucchini

Green Round Zucchini

Yellow Round Zucchini

Tomatoes Red Pear

Tomatoes Yellow Pear

Tomatoes Black Tula Russian

Tomatoes Henderson's Pink Panderosa

Tomatoes Chocolate Stripes

Watermelon Charleston Grey

Europian Crabapple





Cuminum Cyminum



Lemon Bee Balm

Wild Thyme

Primrose Evening

Primrose Evening Showy



English Lavender
Chicorium Intybus

Ginkgo Biloba

Cabbage Ornamental Mixed

seeds are only RM2 per pack.
purchase 5 pack will get 1 complimentary pack

email your order to seedsandothers@yahoo.com

for other seeds available, please visit my sales blog : seedandothersforsale.blogspot.com