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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

GLADIOLUS - the sword flower ready for buyers

Salam Everyone..... 
In this episode I would like to share you my pride; Gladiolus.  This amazing flowers meaning from the Latin word, swords - represented the Roman Gladiators.  Gladiolus are symbolizes strength of character.   As for the Chinese, these flowers means prosperity and also sincere.

So how about planting them in your garden as a token of respect to a woman whose character you admire.  Your garden will be drop dead gorgeous!!

Selling as low as RM4 per bulb for mixed collections;

Gladiolus Red Old Timers

Gladiolus Prosperity White

Gladiolus Nova Lux

Gladiolus Priscilla

Gladiolus Fidelio

Gladiolus TraderHorn

Gladiolus Plum Tart

and.... proudly presents all the Gladiolus that have been planted by my customers.. bulbs are purchased from my small farm..these some of the best results..more interesting colors to go!

Gladiolus Ajax
(credit to Pn Fatimah)

Gladiolus Green Star
(credit to Pn Zulaikha)

Gladiolus Fun Time
(credit to Pn Nani)

Gladiolus Jestar
(credit to Ms Vivien)

Gladiolus Giant Violetta
(credit to Ms Jennifer)

Gladiolus Clemence
(credit to Pn Intan Rohaiza)

Gladiolus Sugar Plum
(credit to Pn Ayang Syah)

these are the bulbs...all planted in my farm.. please take note we do not purchase from overseas and re-sell.. these are all local produced

some are as big as cup!

Hurry up guys..first come first serve..log on to my fb page to see more :


  1. salam, wah bestnya saya nak beli bulb2 gladiolus ni, pls tell me cara pembelian. thanks...

  2. saya nak book 5 bulbs. Boleh pilih apa2 warna yg saya nak ke? email lyzaalogan@gmail.com. tq

    1. boleh pilih. email yr order ke seedsandothers@yahoo.com

  3. Replies
    1. tks! after this Lynn akan publish Hibiscus cuttings pulak, warna2 rare...

  4. Salam kak Lynn,

    Definitely nak 5 bulbs!


  5. lynn,

    rini ada email nak beli benih. nmpknya nak kena tambah order lagi ni. nak PRISCILLA dan RHAPSODY IN BLUE tuk tambah collection. check email sblm ni tau.