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Thursday, August 22, 2013

PETUNIA !!!! faster, faster.... new series!!

Hi guys..good news to all Petunia lovers!!
all this have successfully planted & distributed to nurseries in Klang Valley..
Petunia Harlequin Burgundy
Petunia Picotee Violet
Petunia Aladdin White
Petunia Frost Fire
Petunia Candy Velvet
Petunia Carpet Buttercream
Petunia Merlin Rose Morn
Petunia Storm Salmon
Petunia Pirouette Purple
Petunia Hurrah Lavender
Seeds are peletted for easy planting.  All pelletted seeds are surface sow
Price standard, RM2 per pack
Interested?  Hurry up, first come first serve...
email your order to seedsandothers@yahoo.com

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