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Monday, September 30, 2013

Bunga-bunga mekar di laman...

Malas nak cakap byk.. jom jer lah layan bunga2 yg sedang mekar di laman...

Strawflower.. percubaan kali ke dua akhirnya berjaya!

Brazilian Snapdragon
Senang tumbuh melalui keratan batang.  Bila bunga dah layu, potong atas, dlm 2 minggu berbunga balik..

Senduduk Biru
Dah terlampau rimbun, macam hutan la pulak

Cassia Fistula or Golden Shower
dekat 2 tahun tanam melalui biji benih, baru lah berbunga..

Ini pula Ruellia or Wild Petunia.
Melaui keratang batang..ditanam sebaris jadikan pagar. Dah merimbun dan suka cahaya matahari.

Juga melalui keratan batang. Dah merata-rata di tepi pagar dan sgt mudah berbunga

 Azalea 3 warna
Ini pun melalui keratan batang. Lama juga nak berbunga, dlm 2 tahun.

Siapa kata imposibble tumbuh di lowland?  Ini di Subang... percubaan kali ke 3.. hehe

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Allamanda...cantik ker..?

Allamandas are native to the Americas, where they are distributed from Mexico to Argentine. Some species are familiar as ornamental plants cultivated for their large, colorful flowers. Most species produce yellow flowers. The genus name Allamanda honors the Swiss botanist and physician names Mr Federic Louis Allmand.  Huish bestnya kalau flora fauna dinamakan sempena nama kita ya..boleh mintak royalti gitu!

Allamanda species have been used in systems of traditional medicine for various purposes. For instant to treat liver tumors, jaundice and malaria. In analyses, some species even have shown some activity against carcinoma cells, pathogenic fungi and HIV. Wow, never knew this interesting fact before!. In my hometown in Songkhla, no one bothers this plant.
We called it “Bunga Kampung”.. hehe

In the wild, allamandas grow along riverbanks and other open, sunny areas with adequate rainfall and perpetually moist substrate. The plants do not tolerate shade or salty or alkaline soils, and they are sensitive to frost. They grow rapidly, sometimes spreading 3 meters per year. They can be propagated from cuttings.

But, they can be invasive! In my farm @ Fraser's Hill, they grew very bushy!

Angelonia @ Bunga Satay..

Kenapa di panggil bunga satay ya?

Ini di Subang...bunganya lebat

Ini di Pahang.. warnanya purple ke biru-biruan..tapi bunganya jarang2..

White Snapdragon kesayangan saya!

Pink Snapdragon

 Pink Snapdragon - dwarf type

Bicolor Snapdragon

tengah mencari mcm2 warna lagi...
Angelonia ni boleh tanam melalui keratan mahupun biji benih.

Let's grow fig from cuttings...

Its fig fever..everyone talking about growing fig now..
I am a bit sceptical at first..but since i proved to my husband i can grow orchid and its flowering after 5 mths..what the heck...
trial & error are part in our life right?
I ordered many varieties such as Patlicans, Purple, Goklop, Turkish Brown, SarizeyBek and many more

They all are self pollinations.
any friend here would like to try out too, let me know ASAP.
till then, happy gardening!

Portulacas in my tiny garden...

Portulacas are one of the most easiest flowers to grow from cuttings.  It will takes a bit longer to grow from seeds and i seriously have no patient...
These are my collections so far and i am hunting for more..
This is my new collections...i was so blessed to have such a generous friend who is willing to exchange her cuttings with my Red Long Bean seeds.
I put them in two pots, hope they can grow bigger & produce more flowers.
This is bicolor, more pink than white.

This is the other way, white with pink stripes.
Single Petal - yellow & pink

Single Petal - white
This is the double petal type. 
My headache.. snails and slugs love them very much, so i decided to take them out & put them in big pot.
Then, i realized they cross pollinate...such a beauty!
Anyone has other colors/types? 
Feel free to sell to it me or we can exchange with my cutting/seed collections..
In the meantime, enjoy my portulacas!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The challenge of growing the rare flowers...

These are the series i got for those who want their garden to be transformed into a truly beautiful and fun with so many colors and varities..
Zulu Prince Daisy

 Orange Cape Daisy

African Blue Eye Daisy

Blues Blue Felicia Daisy

 Purple Cup and Saucer Vine

 Purple Trumpet Vine

Yellow Trumpet vine

Thurbergia Alata African Sunset Mixed

 Morning Glory Blue Picotee

Morning Glory Chocolate

Morning Glory Japanese Blue

Morning Glory Split Second

Morning Glory Split Personality

Morning Glory Carnival

 Morning Glory Yellow

Morning Glory Ensign Blue

Morning Glory Sunrise Serenade

Sunflower Cherry Rose

Sunflower The Joker

Sunflower Taiyo

Sunflower Prado Red

Sunflower Florenza

Sunflower Moulin Rouge

 Sunflower Ruby Eclipse

 Sunflower Ring of Fire

Hibiscus Trionum Luyona

Hibiscus Syriacus Rose of Sharon - Purple

Hibiscus Syriacus Rose of Sharon - Red Heart

 Hibiscus Syriacus Rose of Sharon - Dark Pink

Hibiscus Syriacus Rose of Sharon - Light Pink

Hibiscus Syriacus Rose of Sharon - Double White

Impatiens Balsamina - Rose Bicolor

Impatiens Balsamina - Golden Jungle

Torenia Suzie Wong

Iris Germanica Blue

Iris Germanica Red

Peruvian Lily Mixed

Bunny's Tail

 Yellow Rose

 Red Rose

Passiflora Purple

Passiflora Scarlet

Passiflora Running Top

Datura Golden Queen

Datura White

Datura Blackcurrant Swirl

seeds are only RM2.00 per pack
purchase 5 packs will get 1 pack of COMPLIMENTARY seeds
email your order to : seedsandothers@yahoo.com

or better still, have a peek at my sales blog ; seedandothersforsale.blogspot.com to see more seeds available.