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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Portulacas in my tiny garden...

Portulacas are one of the most easiest flowers to grow from cuttings.  It will takes a bit longer to grow from seeds and i seriously have no patient...
These are my collections so far and i am hunting for more..
This is my new collections...i was so blessed to have such a generous friend who is willing to exchange her cuttings with my Red Long Bean seeds.
I put them in two pots, hope they can grow bigger & produce more flowers.
This is bicolor, more pink than white.

This is the other way, white with pink stripes.
Single Petal - yellow & pink

Single Petal - white
This is the double petal type. 
My headache.. snails and slugs love them very much, so i decided to take them out & put them in big pot.
Then, i realized they cross pollinate...such a beauty!
Anyone has other colors/types? 
Feel free to sell to it me or we can exchange with my cutting/seed collections..
In the meantime, enjoy my portulacas!


  1. hi lynn..envy tul tgk bunga2 lynn semua cantik2..xtvt menyemai tergendala...tak dapat nak ber experiment dgn seeds bunya yg u kasi...

    1. la kesiannya... kenapa tergendala? monsoon ni lah sesuai..sejukkkk

    2. skang tgh memboyot..tak larat nak bangun duduk dah..kne simpan elok2 seed utk project tahun depan..:D