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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Lots of people complaining buying Petunia from nursery, bring back home, after 2 weeks.... gone with the wind.  Do you know that most of the flowers we bought from nurseries are almost 100% from Cameron Highlands?  yes... they are from highland!  So when you bring back home & exposed to sun too much, without proper maintenance, of course they'll die eventually.

In my case, I am stingy..hehe..i planted all my petunia from seeds..therefore they are long lasting & more tahan lasak...seriously they can tahan abt 1 year, worth planting by seeds..

Take a look & enjoy my jungle of Petunias... semakkkkk!

 Purple Petunia

Purple Bicolor Petunia


Blue Ice Petunia

 Orange Bicolor Petunia

 Strawberry Ice Petunia

 Star Burgundy Petunia

 Frost Rose Petunia

Blue Rose Morn Petunia

 Pink Cascade Petunia

Peach Ice Petunia

Merlin Rose Morn Petunia

Black Velvet Petunia

 Aladdin White Petunia

Lavender Ice Petunia

Aladdin Red Petunia

Blue Mambo Petunia

Petunia Pinstripe Pink

most common Petunia - pink color..but i still enjoy them very much!


  1. ini memang betul gilerrr ni kak :D

  2. hehe..Rini..nak parking pun lama2 dah tak boleh..garaj penuh ngan bunga..

  3. Subhanallah.. Kagum kagum.. Thumbs up!

  4. mmg mania betui ni lynnn...

  5. Mnr ada semakkkk...cantik colorful kalau dapat mcm ni suka nya..

  6. glad to see you again. so nice!!!!!

  7. Kak Lynn... skrg ada jual benih lg x? geram tgk petunia ni so gorgeous n pretty!!

  8. sis.ada jual tak ni?nak tanam jugalah..