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Thursday, September 14, 2017

ANGEL TRUMPET - Bunga loceng yg awesome!

Hm.. sebut sahaja bunga ni, perkataan pertama mesti yg negatif cepat jer ckp "bunga beracun" bahaya! nanti mabuk! dan mcm mcm lagilah!

Yer, betul.. Brugmansia or Angel Trumpet ni mmg dilabelkan salah satu pokok yg beracun.
Tapi in the sense of masuk mulut la..
Jangan la tgk pokok semua nak merasa masuk mulut.  Latih dan disiplinkan anak-anak bermula dari rumah. Jangan suka-suka petik bunga, apatah lagi masuk mulut!
Kalau nak ikutkan beracun, banyak lagi pokok hiasan beracun seperti pokok keladi. Tu zaman mak mak kiter tanam tepi tangga lagi. Oleander pun sama, Di India akar Oleander direbus buat menggugurkan janin, lagi dasat!

Apa kata kite fokus pada kecantikan pokok Angel Trumpet ni sahaja ya..

Pokoknya yang boleh diadjust menjadi rendah dan rendang..cantikkan?

bunganya yang kembang berbentuk loceng..sgt besar!

ha..jgn ditanya lak boleh ke idak tanam kat lowland?
ni customer kami tanam kat panaih lit lit!
cuaca yg tgh "garing" pun dia gagah berbunga woo

ni cara kiter pos pd buyer.. sampai jer terus tanam, selamat!
harga pun tak mengarut!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017



It's been so long!

This blog has been neglected for many months!We are truly sorry guys..
the reason is simply because we just had a new baby!
yes..new baby called GO BEAUTY
you guys may check it out at

We are very proud with our new OWN PRODUCT called GO DETOX.
yup! 100% herbal and some of the raw materials are from our own farm..how natural can it be?


we launched this product late January and as of now, the response is truly overwhelming!  Audit on JUNE 2017 shows that we have sold more than 10,000 bottles!  
seriously we never expected its gonna be that good!
Our routine completely changed; from marketing up to packing is done by us and our few helpers.  Now we so used to sleep at 2,3 am daily to make sure our new baby is running smoothly.
Boy, do we get tired?  Of course no, not at all.
Surprisingly after taking GO DETOX, me personally felt more energetic and best part, I lost weight!
I am no longer on high BP medication; phewww I am so thankful for that.

Why do you think GO DETOX is so powerful?
let us reveal and shares with you some of the ingredients and their awesome benefits:


Cardamom is well known as a cooking spice with rich aroma and flavor. What many people don’t know is that cardamom has many health benefits too.
Cardamom is a good source of minerals like potassium, calcium, sulfur, and magnesium along with iron and manganese. Also rich in many vital vitamins including riboflavin, niacin and vitamin C.
The medicinal benefits of cardamom, also known as elaichi, come from its antiseptic, antioxidant, antispasmodic, carminative, digestive, diuretic, expectorant, stimulant, stomachic and tonic properties.
Due to its disease-preventing, health-promoting and healing capabilities, cardamom can improve your health in numerous ways, that is why Cardamom are the third most expensive herbs in the world after Saffron & Vanilla!.

Here are the top 10 health benefits of cardamom:-
1.  Digestion
​2.  Detoxify
3.  Halitosis
4.  Diuretic
5.  Depression.
6.  Oral Health
7.  Cold and Flu
8.  Cancer
9.  Blood Pressure
10.Blood Clots


Psyllium husk is most well known for its beneficial role as a powerful constipation buster, but it provides a number of other exceptional health benefits as well.
This natural fiber comes from a shrub-like herb known as Plantago ovate, and while it’s used in other parts of the world, it’s most common in India. A single plant can carry 15,000 gel-coated seeds, and it’s from here that psyllium husk is derived.

8 Top Benefits of Psyllium Husk :-
1. Tame Your Appetite, Control Your Bodyweight
2.Beneficial for Both Constipation and Diarrhea
3. It’s Hygroscopic!
4. Reduces Your Risk of Heart Disease
5. Lower Cholesterol
6. Help Fight and Control Diabetes
7. Useful for Metabolic Syndrome
8. Less Pain from Hemorrhoids


Chia seeds are among the healthiest trendy "superfoods" on the planet that are actually worthy of that term.
They are loaded with nutrients that can have important benefits for your body and brain.
Here are 11 health benefits of chia seeds that are supported by human studies :-
1.  Deliver a Massive Amount of Nutrients With Very Few Calories
2.  Loaded With Antioxidants
3.  Almost All The Carbs in Them Are Fiber
4.  High in Quality Protein
5.  Able to Help You Lose Weight
6.  High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids
7.  Improve Certain Blood Markers, Which Should Lower The Risk of Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes
8.  High in Many Important Bone Nutrients
9.  Major Improvements in Type 2 Diabetics
10.  Can Improve Exercise Performance as Much as a Sports Drink
11.Easy to Incorporate Into Your Diet


Black cumin seed oil has been used for health and wellness for thousands of years.
In it, you’ll find vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and even compounds that improve cell growth. It’s been called a veritable fountain of youth.  Black cumin seeds come from a plant called Nigella sativa.
If you’re looking for health benefits, black cumin is the one you want. Studies have demonstrated remarkable health effects from taking black cumin seed oil. You can get tons of benefits both from taking it internally and from applying it to your skin.

Check this 10 benefits or Black Cumin :-
· 1. Type 2 diabetes
· 2. Epilepsy 
· 3. Colon Cancer 
· 4. MRSA 
· 5. Protection Against Heart Attack Damage 
· 6. Breast Cancer 
· 7. Brain Cancer 
· 8. Leukemia 
· 9. Brain Damage from Lead 
· 10. Oral Cancer 

guess what?
not only those 4 main magical ingredients in our GO DETOX, we have more than 10 HERBALS in just one bottle!

owh dear..of course we can't reveal our secret! 
Our GO DETOX is specially formulated with only ONE MISSION : 
to improve the quality of life in the most natural way possible! 

Get serious; by taking GO DETOX, you will be amazed with the instant result :-

√ Improve digestive function
√ Treat constipation
√ Boost your energy throughout the day
√ Eliminating toxins from your body
√ To help burn your calories and get rid of any excess waste
√ Help to lose weight
√ Improves blood circulation
√ Helps neutralized your body acid 
√ Bad cholesterol blocker
√ Stronger immune system
√ Revitalize and cleanse the urinary tract
√ Improves your skin
√ Detoxify the liver
√ Get rid of bad breath
√ Bring you a lighter feeling
√ Have anti-aging benefits
√ Controlling cravings
√ Managing your stress well with much clearer thinking
√ Suitable for high blood (hypertension) and diabetic patient

Advisable to take GO DETOX at least 7 days in a row to get the amazing results!

GO DETOX contains more than 10 natural herbs

GO DETOX is 100% SAFE!

Believed me, I am not the only one "affected" by this GO DETOX.. check out all the testimonies by our beloved customers.. all these are our conversation through personal message in face book and also through whatsapp.  Contact number and their name have to be removed for privacy purposes :- 

GO DETOX makes you slim down!

GO DETOX get 5 STARS!!! yippieeee...

with GO DETOX, you can have your sports activities with no excuse!

GO DETOX makes people wondering what are the ingredients because they are so powerful

GO DETOX also get rid of your extra skin on your face due to high cholesterol

this is the most epic!  panic without GO DETOX!

lots of elderly having a problem with numbness;  GO DETOX is the solution

GO DETOX is flushing away all your fat!

remember when we said GO DETOX improves your skin?

again, another great testimony. With GO DETOX, her cholesterol level is getting better

For those who wonder what is the price? 
well, it aint cost you gold!
our retail price is only RM49.90 per bottle (less than 10USD)
if you purchase 3 bottles (JUMBO SET), will get the a special price!
our business is transparent and no bias at all, the transaction will be audited properly and goes through company accounts, not personal. 
Who says online business cannot be trusted?
We have buyers from all over the world, thanks to our loyal users

GO DETOX is crossing all the way to Sabah Sarawak, Singapore, Thailand and even Indonesia!  
Latest we just shipped to Middle East and Brunei.

GO DETOX changes everything
I am a new person now!

owh, by the way,
if you purchase GO DETOX, we will include any type of seed you want for FREE!
However, it depends on the stock availability ya..

Please feel free to meet us at our face book page (Go Beauty)


you may contact us through our cellphone : +60192200971 (remember wassapp ONLY)

or click at www.gobeautydiscovery.com to find out more about our products

till then, happy gardening and be healthy!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

LILY....or IRIS?... does not matter!

Kadang2 ramai yang keliru between Lily dan Iris.
Apa perbezaan yang paling ketara?

bagi saya mudah...
LILY : sesungutnya (stamen) lebih panjang & ada pollen dihujung.
IRIS : selalunya ada 3 stamen pendek di tengah.

walau apa pun, kedua-dua bunga ni kalau penuh laman...fuh... mesti ramai yang akan menoleh 2 kali.

jenis2 lily / iris yang saya tanam :

jenis ni paling mudah membiak..sekali tanam lepas tu anak2 dia akan tumbuh dengan sendirinya.
Kalau tanam melalui biji benih tumbesarannya agak perlahan.
jenis ni ada 3 tone sebenarnya : oren, merah, pink.

jenis ni pun mudah membiak, lebih lebih lagi tanam terus ke tanah

juga mudah membiak tapi bulbs dia mak datuk....bila tanam direct atas tanah, gali2 dekat sebesar besen bulb dia!

ini categori Lily jalanan yang x laku..hehe

pokok rendah x sampai 10 inci..bunganya besar dan sgt cantik

jenis ni kalau dia dapat berbunga memang meriah sgt.. ada warna putih juga.

Pollen dia ni kalau terbang boleh menyebabkan pesakit asthma terbatuk-batuk..jadi awas ya..

ada pelbagai bentuk dan warna.. pengsan nak buat koleksi

jenis ni kalau time CHNY byk ada di nursery..semua dr China.

ini saudara sepupu Rain Lily yang biasa tu.. ni versi gergasi..hehe

ha.. ni jenis Rain Lily yang biasa org tanam buat landscape..


RAIN LILY jenis biasa saiz S

manakala iris lak?

agak sukar nak berbunga di lowland..juga mudah diserang penyakit

ini paling mudah membiak..kerat jer anak dia cucuk ke tanah, menjadi-jadi lah dia
Walking Iris ni ada few colors lagi : yellow, purple, even red pun ada

ini pula hasil dari customer kami :-






ini pula landscape Rain Lily yang buat di rumah customer..

till them....happy Lily guys!