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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bungalow Hopping @ FRASER HILL

Let's Bungalow Hopping!!

Fraser's Hill has a large collection of English homes left over from the colonial era, many which have become signature landmarks in this highland destination. Each bungalow is distinct in design and name and several of these homes have been refurbished into boutique hotels, but most remain privately owned.
while we values all opinion and feedback by the readers here; please bear in mind that we cannot be responsible for the negative comment by readers; 

We are trying our level best to give the latest update of available accommodation from time to time. Enjoy reading!

Highland Resthouse Holdings Sdn Bhd has few English Tudor bungalows which has retained its historical charm. Each bungalow offers its own breathtaking view of the surrounding hills. Whether it's a romantic escape for you and that someone special in your life or away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, stay at one of our bungalows and enjoy what nature has to offer. For Reservation, pls call KL Office at 03 2164 8937.
- update 2017 - 
all unit under Highland Resthouse Holdings Sdn Bhd have been closed for now. The owner decided to venture into something else!
Jerantut Bungalow has a verdant garden with crawling vegetation. 
RM2,000 per bungalow on w/ends with 4 rooms.

Raub or Kindersley Bungalow, a charming little place with stone exteriors. 
RM1,300 on w/ends with 4 rooms.

Brinchang or Dacres Bungalow is my favourite, very quiet location and more privacy due to the hinder location with huge lawn. These bungalows have a cosy feel to it and large enough for a diverse range of flowers and plants to grow which went on to attract the birds and the bees. Perfect location for BBQ too at RM1,100 on w/ends for 3 rooms.

Jelai, also known as 'Clifford Bungalow' is a small house hidden behind a grassy mound along the main road at the start of High Pines Road, very close to Brinchang Bungalow. RM1,100 on w/ends with 3 rooms.

Pekan Parr Bungalow has an immediate view of the golf course. Convenient location, very near to the Clock Tower. I highly recommend this place if you love unconventional and distinctively unique hotels. It is undeniably one the most perfect family getaways from city life in exchange for a quiet and laid back lifestyle. RM220 on w/ends for standard room.

These below 4 Bungalows + I Apartment are managed by Fraser's Hill Development Corporation. For Reservation, pls call 09 – 517 1623 or 09-3622201 / 09-3622248

Hollebekkee or Chini Bungalow (5 rooms) cost at RM1,060 on w/ends.

Cicely or Kuantan Bungalow, is hidden on a hill slope. You may call 09 362 2195 also for reservation. RM1,160 on w/ends for 6 rooms.

Bentong Bungalow, also known as The Cottage, is located along the main road next to the district office. It's an elegant colonial house with grey stone walls and a view of the rainforest at the backyard. Note : I must warn you that this bungalow is located next to the mosque & restaurant. I do not recommend it due to the high density and lots of people park their car in front of the bungalow and dine. RM780 on w/ends for 4 rooms. 

Puncak Inn Bungalow or also well known as Tioman Bungalow. Price RM375 on w/ends for 2 bedroom. 

Puncak Inn is a budget hotel located directly at Fraser Hill's town center, facing the clock tower a short distance after the Gap Road entry point. Refurbished into a semi-boutique resort, the hotel's reception lounge also doubles up as a public tourist information center, with brochures available for visitors. Accommodation is provided in small but cosy rooms, most which overlook town through the windows. Price for Standard Room on w/end start from RM120, pls call 09-3622007 for Reservation. 

Bunge Bungalow, managed by KL-K Bungalow Holidays Sdn. Bhd. This Bungalow is open for public, for reservation pls call 05 241 7488. It only cost RM400 per bungalow per night so it’s actually pretty affordable especially if you have 4 families staying in the bungalow. The interior of the Bunge bungalow is pretty basic but they have all the amenities such as water heater, couch, dining table and even a flat screen TV with Astro service. Each of the room can easily sleep 3-4 people depending on how old your kids are. There’s a fireplace but it’s not in use anymore. The furniture around the living and dining rooms were quite comfortable and functional but they look like they needed some overdue upgrade as they looked like stuff from the 80s. Meals can be prepared by the caretaker but at additional cost, it’s RM43 per adult per day, kids below 12 and 6 pay lower rates. It covers 4 meals per day (Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner). I would recommend to anyone to take up the meals package as it’s highly affordable and the food is great!! 

Another Bungalow managed by Kuala Lumpur-Kepong Group is Arundel Bungalow, just next to Bunge Bungalow. Getting to the bungalows is pretty easy, right after the ‘gap’, you would see the signboard for Arundel and Bunge, so just turn right and follow the road until you reach the bungalows. The compound of the bungalow is pretty big so parking not a problem at all. There’s also plenty of open space so your kids will have a whale of time running around. They also have a playground with swings and badminton court. 

TM Resort consists of two hotels, both located at different spots in Fraser's Hill. The most popular is TM Resort Seri Intan, a cosy Tudor bungalow situated along High Pines Road, offering deluxe rooms and VIP suites. Facilities are limited to small meeting rooms and halls, with little else. Finally, Telekom Malaysia staff gets a hefty discount off the room rates. 
Deluxe Rooms at RM180 (weekend) per night; VIP Suite at RM350 (weekend) per night. 

The other, TM Resort Sri Peninjau, is a larger apartment block off Peninjau Road, situated close to the highest point of Fraser's Hill near the Telekom towers. The resorts offer boutique accommodation and quiet environments, being situated at very isolated spots far from town, but catered mostly for a local crowd. Often shrouded by mist, the hotel is a perfect place for a quite retreat away from any noise and activity. One Bedroom Unit at RM150 (weekend) per night; Two Bedroom Unit at RM180 (weekend) per night. For reservation on both unit, pls call 09 362 2400. 

The SilverPark resort apartments are mostly available in two bedroom units, complemented by small numbers of studio and 3 bedroom units. A modest apartment of decent size, the units come with all the necessary furnishings and amenities for a budget family holiday. For Reservation, pls call 09-362 2888. RM180 on w/ends for 2 Bedroom unit apartments. 
- update 2017 - 
The Management of SILVER PARK RESORT has been changed and there will be no unit available at the moment. Most of unit available are solely own private rentals. 

Singapore House..obviously, only for Singaporeans..erk! Apparently named after Singapore, this single-storey cottage has 4 bedrooms, a common living room, a dining room and recreation room. All these give you a home away from home with a distinct local feeling. For Reservation, pls call 02-09-3622235. Price start from RM148 per night on lower season.

Richmond Bungalow, also privately owned by the Singaporean. An English feel to this single storey cottage with 5 bedrooms, a common living room, a dining room and recreation room. Set amongst the luscious greenery, it is the perfect countryside setting for relaxation. But I must warn you to be careful not to wander too far into their compound. There was a case where some tourist was accused of trespassing by the housekeeper of the Singapore House for merely admiring the flowers in the compound. He even threatened to sue for trespass! (hm.. talking about KIASU singaporean..ouch!) For Reservation, pls call 02-09-3622246. Price also starts from RM148 on lower season.

Rompin House is a colonial bungalow offering semi-luxury family accommodation, with five bedrooms for 10 guests, a living hall, dining room, fully-equipped kitchen and caretaker to manage guest needs next door. Managed by Avillion Private Collection, the bungalow is a boutique getaway, fringed by beautiful gardens and outdoor decks that peer over the rainforest landscape. Located along Jalan Semantan before the Smokehouse Hotel, the bungalow can be reached by following the directions to Jeriau Waterfall from Fraser Hill's town center, where the home appears at right along the way. Otherwise RM3,000, the current promotional rate starts from RM1,300 per night for the entire house inclusive of breakfast throughout the duration of the stay. Packages allocated cover week-long or month-long stays. Guests may request for all 3 meals (lunch and dinner as well) for an extra fee. For more information and event enquiries, call Ms Samantha Tan at 03 - 2730 2110 or reservations at 03 - 2730 9988. 

When in Fraser’s Hill, do as the British do. Stay at this Tudor-style house for colonial luxury. In the years of the British Empire, this hill station was actually built for their injured soldiers to convalesce. The Red Cross set up a little rehabilitation centre there then later converted into a hotel called Ye Olde Smokehouse. Instead of hospital bunks, the interior is now decorated with eclectic furniture and collectibles, some of which seems to be leaning a little toward bric-a-brac items. With open wooden beams, log fires and lithographs of the old Fraser's Hill, the place exudes fading elegance. English Tea and scones are served at the patio or in the restaurant. The rooms each with its own with individual characteristics are worth a stay in, if only to experience a little of the past. However, try to avoid the ground floor rooms as noises of guests walking around may disturb your peace. 
Price start from RM668++ during promotions period. Call 09 362 2226 for Reservation. 

This Ye Olde Smokehouse is such a quaint lovely place which evokes the charm of the English country home ambience and architecture. A cozy cottage surrounded by an endearing garden, great view of the mountains and refreshing air. If you want to experience the evening Tea with an elegance English style, this is the perfect place. This place seems always overbooked, through the entire year. So if you want to stay here, get ready for an early reservation, as early as 6 months. 

Shahzan Inn is another budget hotel next to Fraser Hill's town center, perched on a hill slope opposite the golf course. The hotel offers 92 spacious rooms for family accommodation, with a private parking lot nestled behind the main building. Each room comes with a balcony overlooking the golf course or a garden view, along with attached bathrooms with hot showers and a television set (Golf View and Family rooms get an extra coffee table with chair). The hotel has a restaurant, spacious lobby lounge (where guests can surf Wifi Internet for free) and meeting room facilities, including a large ballroom for 300 pax. Price start from RM150 on w/end for Standard Room. 
Pls call 09-362 2300 for Reservation. 

The Pine Resort is situated at the end of Jalan Peach Batu, just before the single lane exit road from Fraser's Hill that leads back down to the Gap. The hotel is composed of 90 units of 3 bedroom apartments, scattered across several blocks lining the hill slopes. Each apartment has a balcony which opens up to an impressive view of the surrounding jungles and valleys, along with a kitchen, lounge and dining area. Television sets, refrigerators and electric kettles round off the facilities in each unit. The hotel has plenty of conference halls and meeting rooms, making it a popular venue for corporate excursions and large group outings. Price for 2 Bedroom apt unit start from RM188 on w/ends. For Reservation, pls call 09-3622122 or KL office at 03 78043422. 

High Pines Bungalow, belonging to the Russell family, owners of Boh Tea plantations, it is one of the highest dwellings on the hill, and over the years, the gardens have been a focus for birders. Large Niltavas and Little Pied Flycatchers are resident there, and it's a good place to see White-browed Shrike Babbler too. In years gone by, it was the site for Brown Bullfinch and Cutia, but rising temperatures are probably responsible for the disappearance of these two specialities. For Reservation , please call Mr. Tan, the caretaker at 0133031048 as he does not accept walk in customers. One has to be guest at High Pines to partake of his food. 

Methodist Bungalow that caters for their church folks. The Pastor or the Church Office with the official rubber stamp must endorse organised Methodist Groups in Malaysia using the special rate. Ministerial staff is allowed to book a maximum of 2 rooms provided their immediate family exceeds 5. RM80 for 2 pax on high season. For Reservation, pls call 09 3622236 or 
KL office at 03 79541811. 

Johor Bungalow is situated down a hill slope. For Reservation, pls call Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Johore at 07-266 6070 / 07-266 6071.

Many beautiful colonial-styled bungalows are privately owned by certain individuals, companies and organisations. It is quite unfortunate that those who are not affiliated to any of those organisations, companies or individuals who own some of the bungalows at Fraser's Hill will have to get a room in one of the hotels in town depriving them of the opportunity to enjoy the luxuries and comforts of living in one of these British bungalows. Hm… too bad my company does not own any Bungalow here..

The Lodge is a luxurious bungalow for the rich is the highest point in Fraser's Hill. The Lodge is in very good condition and very well maintained. From the Guest Book, The Lodge is a favourite with Tun Musa Hitam, the late Tan Sri Tan Chee Khoon and many others. Pak Lah and Tun Mahathir have also stayed there before. To book, you need to go to the JPM website and download the application form available from Bahagian Pengurusan Bangunan. The charge is only RM100 per night, 3 bedroom unit. Technically you are allowed to bring in 10 guests as they are quite flexible. For Enquiries, you may call Encik Yaccob Abdullah at 013-9129161 but remember, you must be government servant!

Other unit called Rumah Peranginan Persekutuan (RPP), which is eligible for all government servants. Price only at RM200 per night, 2 Bedroom. All application must be tru JPM website.

Mallaig Bungalow, owned by Shell Malaysia, has an impressive position on top a small hill just opposite TM Resort Seri Intan along the High Pines Road. It’s only applicable to Shell’s employees.

Whittington or Guthrie Bungalow has a clear landscape. This unit belongs to Sime Darby Group and only applicable to their employees. This bungalow has such a beautiful garden and well maintain.

Maybank Lodge is a private bungalow owned by a local bank company. It's hidden away at a secluded corner at the end of the main road from Allan's Water. With only RM20 per stay, the lodge is ours for the next 3 days 2 nights. I fall in love with this colonial bungalow, with 4 huge bedrooms, and each bedroom has their own bathroom with tub and the exit to balcony with beautiful garden view. Too bad, it’s only available for Maybank employees.

Muar Cottage is where you will exit at from the Bishop trail. A very cozy and private little English-style cottage of 3 rooms just nice for the family. Muar Cottage is the most beautiful bungalow in Fraser’s with a gorgeous garden. Not too big, just the right size to give it coziness and also very up kept compares to the other. This Bungalow is belongs to New Strait Times and only available to the employees.

Tanglin or MMC Bungalow, belongs to MMC Berhad, only applicable to their employees only. This bungalow consists of 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 store, 1 activity room (table tennis) and balcony upstairs..so huge, complete with the fireplace. Well equipped with CCTV, fridge, microwave, rice cooker, water heater, karaoke system, Astro, wi-fi and BBQ set.
- update 2017 - 
closed for renovation

Penn Cottage is privately owned by RHB Bank. 

Buona Vista Bungalow is an old bungalow situated near the highest point of Fraser's Hill, owned by a pleasant Chinese family, Singapore-based Loke of Cathay cinema fame. 

Ken House, or Villa Adrien Hallet is a private bungalow, located on top of the hill. 

Aubyn House, another private Bungalow. 

Kingswood Bungalow, also own privately. This is located on top of the hill towards one small turning to Methodist Bungalow. 

Seri Selangor is a majestic low-rise bungalow that sits on top a hill near the sports field at Jalan Padang. 
Only applicable those who work in Government sector. 

Istana Pelangi is a mansion that belongs to the Pahang royal family.

The Gap Resthouse is a colonial mansion that was once a popular heritage hotel run by the government, but its current development status seems to be in limbo. Today, the building looks like a haunted house! Sadly the Gap Resthouse was closed for renovations and never reopened.

I really hope all my information is useful to my dear friends who wish to come up here for holiday…

pls contact 019 2200971 tru wassap or email to
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Bear in mind that bungalow rental here is very limited 
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So please plan your holiday much more earlier!