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Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Edible Garden as of June 2012

Nothing much have changed since late June 2012 as I was pretty occupied with daily routine in my office, teaching and also organizing students annual competition.

Portulaca Mixed / Japanese Rose non-stop blooming under hot sun.

I was a bit reluctant to start sowing the seeds which I received from Diana & Is due to my 15days trip to Kundasang, Bali & Sydney later…but what the heck..also received a suprised package from Nurul Hidayah this week, so sweet of her to share her seeds with me.

I got this idea of hanging the polystyrene cup after reading one blog who has visited Floria 2012.  Improvise a little bit, I used the shoe rack which has left by the previous owner and cover it with black net to avoid the uninvited birds and squirrels.

View from the top.. hopefully my Pak Choy can grow well..

I was really touched by the generosity of my neighbour.. She and another 3 gangs practically passed by my garden every day and praised me how much the house transformed now…One day she came to me & offered all her pot!   Look at the pot....big and not cheap though..

I still have many pots from her that need to be used.. waiting for my marigold, dahlia, chilly and cosmos to grow bigger..

My Purple Rain Lily starts blooming this week.  2 of them nearly died due to heat and attacked by aphid.  Luckily  I used the chemical spray made from water + oil & soap, copies from Iskandar

Admiring my Purple Rain Lily..i wonder where are the white color..

I used the clothes hanger to place my pot due to invited guest especially at night.  I noticed now a lot of birds like to play in my garden and also spotted lot of snails and slugs…slugs like to eat my young plant and it seems unstoppable now. They left nothing but their mucus on the ground .I read the blog from Iskandar & he suggested using the special pallet from nursery, or piece of steel.  Mat suggested spraying water + Dettol. I should try the easiest way first which is water + Dettol.

This is Cherry Brandy Hibiscus, which i bought from FLORIA 2012 ..almost blooming

This morning...tadaaaa!... damn big and gorgeous!!

Another hybrid Hibiscus, Red China Rose, bought from FLORIA 2012..also spotting blooming this morning. 

Quisqualis indica or Akar Dani, also known as Drunken sailor, bought from FLORIA 2012.  They seems happy and settle in the new garden.  They starts blooming this few days and the smell so nice, just like Jasmine flower.  This is creeper plant so i plan to place it near next to my arch, together with my Blue Pea after i am back from holiday in the next 2 weeks..(provided the can survive...finger cross!!)

My Blue Pea is getting higher and bigger now..i dont have the suitable place for them on the ground

We seriously have no clue what type of plant is this.  Flower or vegetable?  No idea at all, maybe my dear readers can help me.  We spotted outside the house, was very tiny once we move in late April 2012.  We decided to move it and plant it at the garden outside my house due to their bright colors.  Surprisingly, they survive well under the hot sun and needs very minimal care.  (my biggest turn off; cats and dogs always throw their booby trap here..)”SIGH”

Another set of Blue Pea or Bunga Telang.  I hope these creepers can grow well & cover the TNB pole.  On top lots of illegal signboard which need a long ladder to climb up and take it down.  

No chances to eat Water Spinach or Kangkung yet, as my Brownie love it so much.  Same row are Curry Tree, Cosmos, and Lemon Tree, also a little of Polygonum or Daun kesum which I kidnapped from my dad’s orchard.  Daun Kesum looks like dying..maybe not enough water.

Look how tall my Red Spinach now.. higher than my Euodia Ridleyi / Tenggek Burung. They dont need care at all.

We had no choice but to harvest the Red Spinach again tonight. Luckily my girls love them.

What else can i cook except mixed soup? 

Not forgetting the big prawn from Kuala Selangor!  Again, deep fry but this time i add on curry leaf which i just planted, mixed with tumeric power, pepper, salt and egg..wallah!

Of course we cant leave the sponsor drinks behind...