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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bunga Pukul 4 or Mirabilis Japala or Marvel of Peru

Mirabilis jalapa (The four o'clock flower or marvel of Peru) is the most commonly grown ornamental species of Mirabilis, and is available in a range of colours. Mirabilis in Latin means wonderful and Jalapa is a not uncommon placename in Central and North America. Mirabilis jalapa is said to have been exported from the Peruvian Andes in 1540.

A curious aspect of this plant is that flowers of different colors can be found simultaneously on the same plant. Additionally, an individual flower can be splashed with different colors. Another interesting point is a color-changing phenomenon. For example, in the yellow variety, as the plant matures, it can display flowers that gradually change to a dark pink color. Similarly white flowers can change to light violet.
A four o'clock plant in full bloom.

Different color variation in the flower and different color flowers in same plant.
The flowers usually open from late afternoon onwards, then producing a strong, sweet-smelling fragrance, hence the first of its common names.
The plant does best in full sun. It grows to approximately 0.9 m in height. The plant will self-seed, often spreading rapidly if left unchecked in a garden. Some gardeners recommend that the seeds should be soaked before planting, but this is not totally necessary.
The flowers are used in food colouring. The leaves may be eaten cooked as well. An edible crimson dye is obtained from the flowers to colour cakes and jellies.In herbal medicine, parts of the plant may be used as a diuretic, purgative, and for vulnerary (wound healing) purposes. The root is believed an aphrodisiac as well as diuretic and purgative. It is used in the treatment of dropsy. The leaves are used to reduce inflammation. A decoction of them (mashing and boiling) is used to treat abscesses. Leaf juice may be used to treat wounds.
Powdered, the seed of some varieities is used as a cosmetic and a dye. However, please be careful when handling the seeds, they are considered poisonous.
Seeds are ready to pack for buyers.



Leopard Lily or Blackberry Lily

Blackberry Lily flower seed produces an unique eye-catching flower for the garden. The flower has red freckled orange blossoms 2 inches in diameter. This perennial is hardy, only requiring a moderate amount of water so it does well in drier, hotter climates.
New buds are waiting to bloom...despite hot weather and lack of attention, they grow happily in my garden in Subang..
Seeds are ready to pack.  First come first serve.
 RM2 per packet, 10pcs... you wont regret it!

Finally its blooming!

Waiting for so long to get this flower to bloom, in fact i have failed twice!

Nastartium Orange Troika
Not really a heavy bloom..but i was happy enough to have them in my garden...
Of course cannot compare with this... this is in front of Kingswood Bungalow in Fraser's Hill.  I was lucky to get the seeds from the caretaker..
To look for rare seeds, please look at seedandothersforsale.blogspot.com

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Update on Kebun Kecilku....

Morning everyone!  Dah lama jugak tak menulis..sibuk sgt dgn benih2 rare yg diimport dan ditanam utk nurseries di Sg Buloh..ada yang menjadi, ada jugak yg mati dipertengahan..nasib la kan.. bukannya pro pun..
Minggu ni Lynn update tentang kebun kecil kami di Fraser Hill..

March 2013.. pokok mentimun masih diperingkat permulaan..
May 2013...

Sudah sedia untuk dipetik!
Kami hanya letak baja kopi 2 kali seminggu... pada peringkat permulaan, dan sewaktu ia mengeluarkan bunga.  Siram?  Tak perlu, sbb hujan di Fraser Hill sgt kerap, selang sehari pasti hujan.
Dari kejauhan... sayup mata memandang. Rasa mcm tak percaya, penat lelah yg diharungi selama ini membuahkan hasil. 
Ini pula batas untuk tanam kacang atau pun petola...nak tanam yg senang maintain shj dulu, sbb tiada pengalaman.. Tanah dibajak hanya menggunakan cangkul..cara lama & tidak mampu nak sewa pembajak dsbnya.. jadi kenalah buat secara perlahan-lahan..
Barisan anak pokok cili yg menunggu utk dihantar ke nurseri..
Barisan nenas yg sudah hampir masak
Walaubagaimanapun..agak kecewa dengan kacang buncis.. tak sihat dan produce buah yg agak kecil.
Kepada yg nak benih2 rare, sila ke blog lynn : seedandothersforsale.blogspot.com

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My own cross pollination Zinnia...

This is my experiment with Zinnia, manual cross pollination with Zinnia Orange and Yellow..
kahwin campur!
Hm.. should i cross pollinate this flower with other colors too? 
Let's re-cap her life..
3 weeks old..
I month old..at this stage, i start spray them with HB101
2 months old... looks healthy under full sun..cinta dah mula berputik!
Almost 3 months...Finally....
Sorry with the blurr picture.. my camera running out of battery..
So?  how many marks should i get for this experiment?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My little blossom...

Tadaaa.... i planted this Peruvian Lili for only 2 mths (from bulb) and looks how gorgeous...

The flowers are long lasting.  I am planning to plant them more in my little garden...because I simply love red!
Sunflower Key Lime.. Small plant but many buds are coming out
Red Cypess Vine.. cant wait for the white color to bloom.. They seems happy in my little garden.
Such a small tree but this Muberri already producing fruits!  I tried them, bit sour..A bunch of them are ready to shipp to Janda Baik, my new project.

Penantian yg membuahkan hasil..  At last..my Red Bean finally showing off!  I have no clue what to do with them later,,i guess we just gonna eat them raw. 
Canna Edulis Achira..self seeding.  Quickly grabbed the matured seeds & bring back to try.
Casa Heliconia..too many in FH & I am trying to get rid of them by selling at RM1 for one baby plant.

These 1.5 acres of land belongs to my friend in Janda Baik & we need to beautify them with landscape.  Its very challenge because at the moment I am involve with my small kebun in Fraser Hill.  So basically I am planning to plant all kind of small fruit trees & flowers which are heat resistant and less maintenance.  He also has a fulltime job and can only spend hus time in here just on weekend so we can't afford to have a 'manja' plant...
When the place is ready, I hope we can have small gathering with all my bloggers friend here..relax and back to natures..how abt that?  you guys think its possible?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Spreading the love in my garden...

"Sharing is Caring"...wow, what a powerful words!  I was blessed with so many friends around me, including my blogger friends here.  My neighbour who never have spoken to me before, offered me her wood bench and all kind of pots when she saw me & Rizal was so passionate about our garden.  One lady passed by at my garden one day & asked if she could have my tomatoes & sunflower seeds.  Without any hesitation, i gave her more than what she is asking.  The next thing i knew, she sent me a fully loaded of fertilizer in her car boot!  Turn out that her husband is working with fertilizer company in Cameron Highlands.. And last week, my car explode at Federal Highway.  Poor police traffic trying to push my car to the side.  10 minutes later, a bunch of motorist stopped and push my car w/out a fuss!  What more can i ask?  I mean, you can never think that this kind of real deal things happened in our life right?  Its like expect the unexpected..and its nice surprised!

And this week, is truly a joyful and surprised week, where i received many gifts from my bloggers friends here.  I hope all their gifts are happy in my garden, either  in Subang, or better still, in Fraser Hill.

Parcel from Nur Suhaila from Sepang contains of many plants that i have never seen or heard before.  Cekur, Lempoyang, Serai Wangi?  I don't have any clue what are they for but i decided to plant it in my Edible Garden in Subang,  close to my curry plant and lemon trees.  Long Bean and Periwinkles seeds are still waiting for their turn.

Parcel from Puteri Purnama from Sabah..so meriah!!  

Without further due, i quickly planted the snapdragon...i hope they can survive (not sure if i did it correctly).  The rest of the seeds got to wait for a while, I am racing with the time for now.

From Sali Chen, Penang.  I am so thrilled with many seeds and this pepasan cuttings.

I am not sure which one is the top or bottom..belasah jer!

I can't wait for the Roselle & Asparagus to grow in my garden

From Autumn Belle.  Hunting for White Butterfly Pea high & low & finally I got it!  TQ so much Belle!

Another batch of Sunflower that we plan to bring over to FH.

A batch of Celosia, also from bloggers (So sorry that i don't remember its from who... anyone?).  I am excited to bring them to FH later.

A  series of Cosmos, some looks healthy, some don't.  Perhaps they need more TLC.  I kind of mixed up all the labels & have no clue what type & colors now..No choice but just wait for the bloom, huh.

Not sure what is the ID for both plant.  Either from my blogger's friend or some seeds that i brought back from FH.

Ginseng Jawa or Akar Som, bought from Diana..

Balsam, seeds also from blogger's friend.  Also have no idea what color is the flower..

Zinnia, seeds from overseas & waiting to bloom.. very excited to see the color

Gladiolus...how long shall I wait for their first bloom?

owh, for those who would like to experiment with some seeds that I got from overseas, feel free to visit  my other website, seedandothersforsale.blogspot.com
Each flowers have been planted in FH now.  Most flowers that we planted are supposed to heat tolerance and hope they can survive well & beautify our garden.  For those who have sent me an email for the free seeds to share, i will try to manage my time & send it by next week.

Till then, happy gardening & lets spread the love!!