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Monday, June 24, 2013

FLORIA 2013 - part 1

My most awaiting event this year...
This year a bit different than other year... we took this opportunity to meet up with the gardening bloggers for the first time... so kecoh but it was a great pleasure to get to know each other, change ideas, etc...
Now... not much of the talking..i hope you guys enjoy the pictures ya!!!
Main Entrance @ Presinct 2, Putrajaya
Recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records - the Longest Landscape Vertical Wall

Waiting for Agong to official launch the event.. 
The Royal Garden
Escape to Candy Land - by Karya Sepakat Sdn Bhd
The Rose Garden - by Rohani Bee.  This year lesser flowers/roses compared to last year.  Even the deco also is very simple.
Garden Tea Party.. nice concept, but having a tea in the haze?  suicidal!!
Heliconia Heaven
Spotted an odd color..
Orchid lovers can spend few hours in here.. so many rare species
Bonzai Garden, also a repeat participant
Look closely..they used wires to shape the tree..no wonder they turned to a gorgeous tree..all man made actually.
Marine Life... plastic bottle as a coral..balloon as a bubble..

all marine lifes & corals..
Innovation Garden
This elephant is made by the newspaper
Water Features with the plastic bottle
Edible Garden..with the plastic bottle
Great Idea for those who lack of space for gardening..
Gardening with no limit.. batang kayu pun boleh!
Deco by Purtajaya Corp..
A Garden by Jabatan Pertanian
They used pots for part of the deco..very creative
The arch was fascinating
Among all, this my most favourite!
Great idea for my Fraser Hill's garden
This year theme is Orchid - Tripical Treasure, so orchids are everywhere!


This is one of bloggers activities today..exchange cuttings, plants & seeds.. great way for cost saving!!  We will do it again next time
To be continued on part II..with more intresting pictures






  1. salam Lynn,
    Terimakasih kongsikan gambar2 ini..meski saya tak dapat ke sana, melalui perkongsian Lynn ini, rasa saya dah ke sana jua.

    1. sama-sama kak.. Nasib baik Lynn ke sana on the first day..pagi2 jam 8 dah terpacak kat situ..drive all the way dr Fraser Hill.. sbb nak balik mlm Jummat tu tak berani drive sorang2.. Hari Ahad haze agak teruk, tp katanya org ramai gak, siap bwk baby lagi.. hish..